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Supply Chain Sustainability School
Gold Membership Award

Ashley Group proudly celebrate being awarded the Gold Status from the Supply Chain Sustainability School. As an industry leader, Ashley Group believe that it is our duty to constantly implement, improve and promote sustainable construction practices and methods across the business.


The ever-growing importance surrounding sustainable and environmental initiatives are becoming more prominent within both our professional and personal lives, immediate action is needed. Sustainability and considerate environmental practices have always been at the forefront of Ashley Group’s business conduct. The construction industry has the opportunity to spearhead changes and as a market leader, Ashley Group are constantly always looking to improve, implement and adapt to ensure that we are working in the most sustainable and the environmentally friendliest manner, across all levels of the business.


The Supply Chain Sustainability School provides a platform to further enhance and supplement our sustainable practices and industry knowledgebase. Offering a wide variety of literature, aimed across all levels of the business, the school enables its members to progress through various assessments and insightful modules to attain sustainability certification.


Our vision at Ashley Group is to continue to supplement and enhance our knowledge surrounding sustainability and the environmental impact of construction methods. The UK Government recognise that the construction industry is a focal point to help reduce the impact on the environment and Ashley Group recognise that change and education is required to reduce emissions in builds. Although Ashley Group are constantly adapting and exploring sustainable alternatives, we are also trying to influence our clients, architects and supply chain to educate our industry colleagues on more effective sustainable practices and specifying environmentally friendly products for prospective build schemes. Ashley Group are dedicated to providing sustainable modern methods of construction solutions and to deliver net zero carbon builds across the United Kingdom.


Ashley Group are ready to deliver your next construction project in the most sustainable and environmentally considerate manner, contact us today to find out how you can do your part in reducing carbon emissions for your next build.  

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