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Development & Residential

The Ashley Group’s experience within the commercial construction sector focuses our approach for speculative new-builds and residential projects. Attention to detail is more personal and intimate to the end user, therefore our professional manner and approach focuses on exceeding client satisfaction.


As a main contractor, Ashley Group ensure that all aspects of the development build run smoothly and that all the services run in accordance with the agreed programme and budget. Our on-site approach aims to minimalise any disruption caused to the surrounding environment and neighbourhood and we will always communicate to keep you and all other relevant parties informed as the project evolves further. Coordinating closely with local authorities and housing providers ensures that the project progress is maintained to be as effective as possible.


In addition, our commitment of creating aesthetically modern and sustainable buildings using either traditional or modern methods of construction, enables the client flexibility in designing and engineering the project to achieve their constructional requirements. You can have confidence that Ashley Group acquire the professionalism, skills and expertise to undertake and fulfil your next development build to its full potential.

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