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Listed Buildings & Heritage

When it comes to the domain of listed buildings and heritage works, these types of project can create unique and complex contracting challenges. Using an inexperienced building contractor runs the risk of breaking the law, counter cost effectiveness and inevitably damage your reputation within industry. Historic and heritage building conservation and renovation requires an experienced and skilled contractor with a proven project delivery track record which is further backed up with an array of satisfied clients.


Working with our clients, their design teams, local authorities and listed building inspectors, our experience and workmanship on buildings with historic interest and listed consent allows us to demonstrate our respect and enthusiasm for restoration and renovation. The Ashley Group understand that with Listed Buildings and Heritage Works, discretion and sensitivity are paramount alongside a deeper appreciation and understanding of applicable building regulations. Our in-depth knowledge and skills within this sector resonate our clear desire to excel in every trade and field we service, in conjunction with our accreditations for safety and quality. There is a reason why Ashley Group have been awarded with a long list of historically demanding and high profile restoration projects.


We invite you to explore our prestigious project portfolio to further demonstrate the workmanship, reliability and trust that Ashley Group have regularly been awarded with. If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about a project, feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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