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The New Nursery Classroom
ACS Cobham


The New Nursery Classroom


ACS Cobham


Ashley Group were invited to issue a proposal for the design and build of the New Nursery Classroom (known as Block B) at ACS Cobham. In addition to the full turnkey proposal, Ashley Group also had to factor in the construction and installation of a surface water drainage run in addition with a new soakaway for Block B. Discussing various bespoke options on design and engineering throughout the design phase with the client enabled both parties to understand each other’s requirements and gauge an estimated project timeline. Once the design had been agreed and frozen, both the client and Ashley Group were confident and grounded with the deployment of the project. This collaboration at the initial design stage proved invaluable and ensured full comprehension of the project specification and works to be undertaken.

Demolition and Strip Out

Prior to any works commencing Ashley Group performed an underground survey to the whole site area to detect and identify any buried services up to a depth of 600mm. Once the results of the survey confirmed that there weren’t any issues present, the excavation and construction of the soakaway began. Once the soakaway had been formed, the setting and excavation of the concrete foundations followed. Strip foundations with concrete block walls to ground level, with face work and blockwork above to DPC levels was provided by Ashley Group.

Main Structure

The Kingspan TEK® Build System, incorporating a 142mm Structural Insulated Panel, was specified to form the building fabric, with an external brick plinth and brick work finish. The design, supply and install of the Kingspan TEK® Build System was delivered by subcontractor SIPTech Construction. The U Value requirement at tender stage was aiming to achieve 0.22 W/m²K however the Kingspan TEK® Build System surpassed this and offered the advantage of a far superior U Value of 0.19 W/m²K. The inner leaf of the SIP Panel was finished with plasterboard and a skim coat if plaster.

Floor Zone

The floor was designed to utilise a precast block and beam system, constructed to a floor loading of 3kn/m² and a U Value of 0.16 W/m²K. The floor is ventilated with a concrete topping and has an insulated and screed finish.


The design required the roof to be a high-performance warm roof system, utilising roof insulation to provide a maximum U Value of 0.16 W/m²K. The warm roof system was formed using Posi Joists along with 18mm OSB plyboard.

Heating and Hot Water

The heating source selected to serve the New Nursery Classroom was a combination of utilising a gas fired boiler along with under floor heating. The boiler served the manifold for the underfloor heating and the hot water system. The specification required for each classroom zone to be controlled individually, by a wall mounted thermostat with temperature control and floor temperature sensors. The aim of the temperature sensor was to limit the surface temperature to 26 degrees Celsius.

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating (MEPH)

Ashley Group ensured that the installation of the MEPH services to the New Nursery Classroom met the specified design criteria, Ashley Group provided services for:

  • Space and Water Heating

  • Internal Lighting, External Lighting and Emergency Lighting

  • Ventilation and Extraction

  • Small Power, Telecoms and Data

  • Fire Alarm

  • Intruder Alarm

  • Water Distribution

  • Below Ground Drainage

Final Result

The early collaboration and joint input into the design and build of the New Nursery Classroom enabled the successfully delivery of the project. From the outset both the client and Ashley Group were on the same wavelength as to specifying the building materials and components along with the expected project timeline. The project ran smoothly, the new classroom was ready in time for the return of the pupils to fully embrace and enjoy their new fully fitted out learning environment. Ashley Group are proud of the successfully delivery of this project and look forward to working in unison with ACS Cobham for their next project.

Video Case Study

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