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An understanding of the existing structure and extensive industry knowledge are key factors in altering and adapting existing spaces to ensure they meet a client’s specification. Our duty of care, coupled with respect for a building, shapes Ashley Group approach to each project. From the outset, our specialist teams review the proposed works and where necessary, adapt procedures to ensure the project is a success. The Ashley Group’s experienced team will approach your project with the precise attention to detail and diligence that is deserved.


Our vast experience and wealth of knowledge within occupied buildings, in parallel with our flexible and 'can do' approach, has gained us an enviable proven track record as being a specialist contractor within this sector. The Ashley Group take pride in providing a tailored optimum programme of works, seeking to minimalise and disruptions whilst adhering to the highest levels of health and safety throughout the project build.


The Ashley Group recognise that early and regular communication and developing a mutual understanding of each other’s needs contribute highly towards the overall successful delivery of a project. Whether you require a refurbishment for a Grade II listed building or to renovate an Olympic rowing venue, you can have confidence that Ashely Group have the knowledge, experience and skill set to provide the highest quality complete refurbishment and renovation services for your project.

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